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Embiara Eco Lodge- The most private adventurous experience of all Pantanal Lodges

We are a family-run, boutique safari lodge situated in the beautiful southern region of the Pantanal in Brazil.

Here you can still experience the preserved eco-system of the Pantanal with its unique wetlands.

Come join us at this most inimate of Pantanal eco-lodges, so that you can discover with us all of the amazing sights and sounds that this remote wilderness has to offer.

We pride ourselves on the intimate and caring service which we provide to our guests.

We go out of our way to make sure that our guests can experience this wildlife paradise in a variety of ways - whether drifting down the Rio Negro river by boat with one of our silent electric engines, horse-riding across our endless, emerald drainage field, or going on a safari drive adventure in an open-back jeep through forest and around lakes, you are sure to fall in love with the beauty of this ever changing and vibrant landscape, and all of the creatures which it supports. And you will no doubt learn a great deal from our very knowledgeable guides and trackers who will accompany you on each of your excursions.

This region of the Pantanal is a wonderful place for birdwatching and photography. Hyacinth macaws, though endangered, are frequently sighted here. Toco toucans light up the forests with their dazzling beaks. And Jabiru storks, famous symbols of the Pantanal, nest here in the dry season.

Mammals abound here too. Giant otters and neotropical otters cruise through the waters of the Rio Negro river. Tapirs rest cautiously in the shadows of the gallery forest. Giant anteaters amble inquisitively through the fields. Black howler monkeys munch lazily on the leaves of trees around the lodge. Even the shy cats (jaguars, pumas, ocelots and jaguarundis) pay us an occasional visit.

Embiara is also a small fazenda (cattle ranch). This practice is in keeping with the centuries-old, cattle farming traditions of this region, which exist in harmony with the wildlife of the Pantanal.

When you are back at the lodge, you will enjoy the diversity and quality of our traditional Brazilian and international cuisine, and you will look forward to retiring to the sanctity of your accomodation, which we have worked meticulously at making as comfortable, cosy and private as possible.

Embiara Lodge esta fechando

Com muita dor no coração, Paul, Tina, Sterling e Stefan Grol vem communicar que Embiara Lodge a partir de agora, não vai mais funcionar como pousada. Obrigado a todos que nos ajudaram durante esta nossa jornada para preservar e compartilhar este pequeno tesouro no Pantanal Sul. Fizemos muitos amigos maravilhosos ao longo da nossa caminhada e fomos abençoados com tantos encontros magicos da naturesa.

Obrigado mais uma vez.

Obrigado3 1


(Stefan planeja continuar a usar sua experiência adquerida durante a gerência do Embiara Lodge, para organizar e guiar viagens para a vinda de hospedes ao Pantanal. Por favor entrar en contato com Stefan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) se deseja receber informações de seus planos a desenvolver).

Embiara Lodge is closing

It is with very heavy hearts that Paul, Tina, Sterling and Stefan Grol would like to announce that Embiara Lodge from this point onwards, is no longer operating as a lodge. Thank you to everyone who has helped us on our journey to preserve and share this jewel in the South Pantanal. We have made so many wonderful friendships along the way and have been blessed with so many magical encounters in nature.

Thanks again :-)

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(Stefan plans to continue to use the experience that he has acquired from managing Embiara lodge to organise and guide on trips for guests to come and visit the Pantanal. Please let Stefan know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) if you would like him to keep you updated on his plans as they develop).

Puma encounter

Recently, we came face to face with this young female puma (Puma concolor) on a forest trail very close to the lodge. The puma was attracted to the many bare-faced currasows (Crax fasciolata) inhabiting this forest, and only a few days after this sighting, we caught a glimpse of her in the same forest with a dead, male bare-faced currasow in her mouth.

IMG 2952 1 21-31-20


Investigating otters

Although we most frequently see giant otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) in the river, there is a lake near the lodge which a pair of giant otters likes to visit. Recently, we encountered this pair whilst out on a morning's walk. The giant otters were hunting for fish in the lake, and when they were saw us, they stopped what they were doing and came over to investigate...

IMG 3573 1

Curious howler monkeys

A few days ago, we encountered these curious black howler monkeys (Alouatta caraya) looking down at us as we walked along a forest trail near the lodge. It is only the male which is black; the females and juveniles are a buff colour. This species of monkey eats mainly leaves and occasionally fruits. They are expert climbers, using their prehensile tail to support them as they navigate their way through the branches of their forest home...

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